Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Wow, it's been almost a month since I last posted on here.  I need to do better.  I am even worse about posting on my family blog, that one I went a year without posting anything.

I have some updates:

I finally saw the pulmonary dr and got the results of my sleep study.  He confirmed I have sleep apnea and sent in a prescription for my CPAP machine.  I went and picked up the machine and mask yesterday.  I slept okay on the machine, but I did wake up more than usual.  Finally at 5 am I took it off, but I think I slept worse after that.  I have to wear it at least 5 hours every night for insurance to pay.  It has a sd card inside that keeps track of how often I use it, for how long and if I am having sleep apnea spells still.  I got a full mask since I am a mouth breather.  Not sure how I like that.  It's only been one night though, and it takes some time to get used to it.  I go back in 30 days to have my card data downloaded and then in another 30 days I have to go back to the pulmonary dr.

I FINALLY got to see the nurse practitioner today.  I found out that my surgery will be in mid to late Jan and that Dr. Carpenter and one of his associates will perform it.  Dr. Carpenter is the dr. that gave the seminar and I liked him, so I am happy with that bit of news.  We are still waiting for the results from the psych evaluation to come back.  My preliminary results came back as I am normal, just waiting for the longer evaluation.  Once I get that they will submit my paperwork to Tricare for insurance approval.  Oh yeah, I have to have some blood tests tomorrow too.  I have a meeting next week with the dietitian.  I'm just glad things are starting to move forward.  I weighed about 5 more lbs there than on other scales, but I found out I am an inch taller than I thought I was.  I also had my official "before" picture taken and then in a year they will take my "after" picture.  I plan to have Brian take some "before" pictures of me also.  My blood pressure was up also.  Just another reminder of why I am taking such a drastic step.

I have been so anxious to get things done and it gets frustrating moving at a snail's pace.  I am the type of person who once I make up my mind likes to get things over with!

On a side note, I was told that after I have the surgery and start losing weight I will become very fertile.  It is too dangerous to get pregnant so soon after the surgery, so Brian gets to go in and have a little 'clip clip' done.  We have two beautiful children and had no plans to have more, but it still makes me a little sad to know that the option is gone for good.  I feel bad for Brian, but am thankful for having such a wonderful husband who is willing to do so, so that I don't have to have yet another surgery.

Well, I think that is all the updates for now.  Here is my list now:

[X] gallbladder sonogram
[X] pap
[X] seminar
[X] Lifestyle Change Class
[X] referrals for psych exam, sleep study, and gastric bypass
[X] psych exam taken
[    ]psych exam results in (still waiting for results)
[X] appt 1 for sleep study (breathing test)
[X] appt 2 for sleep study (dr. consult)
[X] appt 3 for sleep study (actual sleep study/CPAP fitting)
[X] appt 4 for sleep study (followup and results) 
[X] appt with nurse practitioner
[X] attend support group (been once, going to keep going)
[O]appt with dietitian (scheduled for 13 Dec)
[O] blood work (will do tomorrow 9 Dec)
[   ] insurance approval (too early to begin this)
[   ] 2 week pre-op diet (too early to begin this)

Only three spaces left to fill!!  YEAH

Then it will be the big one:
[  ] Have Gastric Bypass!

Then I will have a whole new check list to begin to begin my new journey to weight loss.

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