Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today is finally here!  It is the day I get my 30 day compliance letter for using my CPAP machine.  Once that is faxed over to the dr. they can begin the insurance approval process and set my date for my surgery.  I called my dr and found out exactly how the process works.   Once they receive my 30 day compliance letter the nurse practitioner reviews my file.  If everything is as it should be then she will give me medical clearance.  My file then goes to the insurance department who will get me preliminary medical insurance authorization.  Once that is given they will call me with my date and begin the full medical insurance approval.

Hopefully soon I will be posting my surgery date!  It should be in Jan!!!!

I have been having pre-surgery jitters.  I am trying hard to remain positive and not think about the things that could go wrong, but there are times that the "what ifs" come to mind.  I still feel really good about having this and know that it will do me much good.

My list now:

[X] gallbladder sonogram
[X] pap
[X] seminar
[X] Lifestyle Change Class
[X] referrals for psych exam, sleep study, and gastric bypass
[X] psych exam taken
[X]psych exam results in
[X] appt 1 for sleep study (breathing test)
[X] appt 2 for sleep study (dr. consult)
[X] appt 3 for sleep study (actual sleep study/CPAP fitting)
[X] appt 4 for sleep study (followup and results) 
[X] appt with nurse practitioner
[X] attend support group (been once, going to keep going)
[X] blood work
[   ] insurance approval
[   ] 2 week pre-op diet
[   ] find out surgery date

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