Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I seem to be making a lot of lists lately. Some of my lists are: a list of what co-morbidites I have, a list of things my weight keeps me from doing/enjoying, a list of what I want to do when I lose the weight, a list of things I will be able to do that I can't now, list of what I will and will not be able to eat, list of things I need to buy to be prepared for the surgery, a list of the vitamins and minerals I will be on for the rest of my life, a list of where I am in the process and many  more lists.  I keep them all in a notebook I use.

Here's my progress list:

[X] gallbladder sonogram
[X] pap
[X] seminar
[X] nutritional consult / Lifestyle Change Class
[X] referrals for psych exam, sleep study, and gastric bypass
[X] psych exam (still waiting for results)
[X] appt 1 for sleep study (breathing test)
[X] appt 2 for sleep study (dr. consult)
[ o ] appt 3 for sleep study (actual sleep study/CPAP fitting)  ***SCHEDULED 16 NOV***
[ ] appt 4 for sleep study (followup and results) 
[ o ] appt with nurse practitioner ***SCHEDULED 8 DEC***
[ ] insurance approval (too early to begin this)
[ ] 2 week pre-op diet
[ ] blood work

Slowly working my way down the list.  It's frustrating because I am ready to get it done, but I know that this time is allowing me more time to prepare myself mentally.  I feel like I am in the last month of a pregnancy, except instead of a new baby, I am going to have a whole new me!!  Well a new me physically at least.  I will have a lot of challenges to overcome afterwards both emotionally and physically.

I know that WLS (weight loss surgery) is not a magic pill or a quick cure.  It is a tool.  And used properly I will lose weight.  If after a year I abuse the tool I will gain the weight back.  I truly will have to change my ways emotionally and physically.  I will forever have to eat differently and be active and do regular exercise.  Even if I reach my goal weight I have to continue to work towards keeping that weight off and not falling back into old habits!

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