Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things seem to be going so slowly

I have gotten a lot done that needs to be done, but it seems like there is still so much to do.  Also it seems like it is going to be so long until I get to have surgery.  Now that I have done the research and the hard thinking about this decision and made up my mind, I am ready to get it done!

My list now is this:
[x] gallbladder sonogram
[x] pap
[x] seminar
[x] nutritional consult / Lifestyle Change Class
[x] referrals for psych exam, sleep study, and gastric bypass
[x] psych exam (still waiting for results)
[x] appt 1 for sleep study (breathing test)
[x] appt 2 for sleep study (dr. consult)
[ ] appt 3 for sleep study (actual sleep study/CPAP fitting)
[ ] appt 4 for sleep study (followup and results) 
[ ] appt with nurse practitioner
[ ] insurance approval (too early to begin this)
[ ] 2 week pre-op diet
[ ] blood work

At least I have more checked done than not.  Found out yesterday that the nurse practitioner has no future available appt and they are booking into Dec.  Will have to wait for either a cancelation or for when they open up more dates.  Disappointed that I have more waiting to do, but at least that gives me more time to finish my sleep study up.

I did a search on Youtube and found a video of an actual gastric bypass.  Not sure that was the best idea.  lol.  Have found some video blogs too that I enjoyed watching.  One lady showed the bad with the good.  I know it's not all roses, but it's different reading it and actually seeing a person the day after (week after, month after, etc)  surgery talking about what they are going through.   I'm thinking of doing a video blog also.  Right now the thought of putting myself on video is too scary though.  Do I really want people to see how bad I look?

Brian and I went to my Lifestyle Change Class this week.  It was given my the nutritionist for my surgeon.  I have done a lot of research so I knew a lot of what was said, but it was still nice to have it all explained to me in a clear manner.  I look forward to my visit with the nurse when I will get a spiral notebook with lots more info in it.  I can't seem to research enough!  I did get a list of what protein supplements they approve of and have researched the different flavors and prices and various stores online so I know what I want to try first.  I also got a list of what vitamin and supplements they want me on both pre and post surgery.   I was glad Brian was able to attend with me.  It was the first of the appt. I have had that he has been able to attend.  The changes I will be making in my life will effect him also and I wanted him to realize just what all they are.

I was hoping I would have this done before Thanksgiving, but now it's looking like it could be Jan.  I don't want to be in the hospital over Christmas break.  I used to work in a hospital and I have always said I would not voluntarily be in the hospital over the holidays.  Just like I don't want to be in there on a Fri afternoon or weekend.

I did hear that once I get my appt with the nurse practitioner from there things move quickly.  They said the insurance approval for Tricare is pretty straightforward and all that will be holding me back is the 2 week preoperative diet.

Here is the list of the protein shakes that the dietitian for my surgeon approves of:

  • Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein (Walmart)
  • Pure Protein 100% Whey Protein (Target)
  • Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard (GNC)
  • GNC Pro Performance Whey Isolate 28 (GNC)
  • Nature's Best Isopure Zero Carb (, GNC)
  • GNC Pro Performance Soy Protein 95 (GNC)
  • Unjury Medical Quality Protein (Unjury)
  • Syntrax Necter (,,,
  • Bariatric Advantage Meal Replacement (
She said they took into account protein, amt of carbs, amino acids, etc.  
Right now I am going to go with Syntrax Necter and Opt. Nut. 100% Whey Gold Std.   I have read reviews and they have really good ones for taste etc.  Also the Syntrax one is considered a clear liquid so I can use it the first couple days post op.

I have researched vitamin and supplement prices and found the best deals for those are at

The other surgeon I was thinking of using has a store at their office and their prices are competitive with online prices without have the shipping cost, so I am going to see if I can buy product from their store even though I didn't go through them for the surgery.

I have to get a shaker bottle for help mix up my protein shakes.  I want to get a blender bottle that has the metal spring or ball in it to help break up the clumps.  I also would like to get a new blender to help with the purees and stuff I will have to eat for the first few months.  I have a fake magic bullet, but am not thrilled with it.  Bed Bath and Beyond has one I want to do more research on before I get it:  Ninja Blender  If anyone has that, let me know what you think.  I need to read some reviews and compare prices.  Just learned of it today.

Well, I have typed enough.  If you are still actually reading this... leave some love in the form of a comment!!!

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