Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some changes, but still on the path...

I have done a lot of research and a lot of praying and have decided to go with another dr.  I am going to go with the local one out of Scott and White.  Scott & White link  I liked the other dr group, but something about Scott and White appeals to me more.  There are several reasons.
They are closer, won't have to go 3 hours away for surgery.  They're at their close office 5 days a week vs. the twice monthly the other is in town for follow up appts.  There is a local support group.  Liked what the dr. said at the seminar better.  Some other reasons.  Just feel deep down that they are a better choice

My PCM has put the necessary referrals in.  I have taken my psychology test (waiting for results ~ hopefully they don't find out I am crazy :P ).  I still need to get a sonogram done on my gallbladder, get retested for sleep apnea and get my CPAP if needed.  I will also need to get a current PAP done and routine bloodwork.  Once all that is done and they have the results, they will submit it to Tricare for approval.  At that point it could take as little as a week to get the approval.  So... if all goes well and my gallbladder tests okay then it should be about a month.

Weird to think that by Thanksgiving I could be reworked inside and not be eating Thanksgiving meal.  I don't need to eat to enjoy the holiday and will have lots of things to be thankful for.

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